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How to Upgrade Your RAM on Your Macbook or Air

Want to upgrade your Macbook Ram? Here’s a tutorial

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News Feed Fire Review – And My Personal Results!

This is my official News Feed Fire review and a quick video below with some of my results. If you wish to skip this and get News Feed Fire right now click here! Why Facebook Is The New Google Here is the thing about Facebook: it’s slowly becoming the new Google, or even bigger than…

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Are Sports Sucking Your Creative Energy? The Shocking Truth!

Not too long ago I watched about 10 hours of Kevin Trudeau “Your Wish is Your Command” on YouTube.  It’s a $10,000 course where Kevin talks about how to use your energy to get whatever you want in life.  If you wish to make $50k a month, a brand new car, a mansion, you could get…

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100 Millions Visitors Per Month – ViralNova

Imagine getting 100 millions visitors per month to your blog and making over $100,000/ month. Yes, its possible.  That’s the story of this young entrepreneur who decided to create a blog . Scott DeLong, founder of ViralNova created a blog about 8 months ago and pulls in over 100-200 million page views per month. So how…

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Net Neutrality and How It Will Effect Internet Marketers

You probably heard the word Net Neutrality before and still have no idea what it means. Basically it means that Internet service providers (Comcast, Verizon FIOS, TimeWarner, AOL) and governments should treat all data on the Internet equally.  Not discriminating over who uses it, charging differently, no data caps, blocking certain apps [like Facebook or…

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Learn How To Get Leads Online

Did you know that 99% of people that get started online never get a single lead online! That freaking crazy! I’ll be honest I didn’t have a clue on how to get a lead until I found a mentor. Today you’ll find out exactly how to get leads online from 5 different people.  You do…

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Plane Lands on Major Deegan Highway In New York City

Small single engine plane makes an emergency landing near the E. 233 St. exit in the Bronx after the plane lost power. Somehow everyone survived and the plane managed not to hit any car.  Now being called the miracle on the Deegan. “It’s flying low! It’s low!” Jarel Paul, 25, of Nyack recalled his friend…

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1956 IBM hard drive

5MB IBM Hard Drive Weights 2,000 Pounds

It’s amazing how time changes. In 1956 IBD loaded a 5 mega-byte hard drive to a plane that weigh more than 2 tons. Today we can easily send that in less than a minute over the Internet. To put that in context, 55 years later, the weakest iPhone 5S has a 16 gigabyte drive, about…

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Santiago Dominican Republic

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Best Motivational Video Ever

Ever feel down? Down on your last luck? Then watch this video and I promise you’ll feel 10 times better!

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